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Harvesting Miscanthus Power Station

About Us

The MNL Team, one of Europes most experienced developers and commercial producers of Miscanthus, is working with suppliers that supply leading energy generators such as Terravesta. These generators successfully produce renewable and sustainable energy from Miscanthus, whilst also reducing their CO2 emissions.

Who we are

Miscanthus Nursery Limited is owned by a cooperative of 36 Farmer grower shareholders, largely based around Taunton in West Somerset. Based at Kingston St Mary, they grow fresh rhizome for propagation, harvest and trade their growers Miscanthus crops, and negotiate end use Contracts, as well as advise on all aspects of growing and marketing Miscanthus as a profitable, environmentally benign UK Crop.


What we do

We produce Miscanthus Giganteus, a sterile triploid hybrid, that can be grown to generate renewable power, in-terms of renewable electricity, renewable heat and renewable transport fuel. Miscanthus can also be used for a range of non-energy end uses such as game cover, animal bedding and bio-composites, all of which can contribute to carbon sequestration to help mitigate climate change. It also fits neatly with current Cross Compliance requirements. sustainability objectives and has a benign environmental profile when farmed responsibly.


We supply a range of Miscanthus related products from fresh rhizomes to Miscanthus Bales, chipped Miscanthus cane, processed fuel pellets, and briquettes to end-users. We continue to expect to see the emergence of torrified pellets soon, which will make storage easier and carry a much higher calorific value. Biochar is another area where crops like Miscanthus offer clear advantages of homogeneity over mixed biomass and conventional charcoals, and many British Universities are leading the way with scientific development and research in Biochars.


We provide a range of comprehensive services from rhizome planting and crop establishment, including agronomy advice and harvesting services, to grant advice, application and project research and development consultancy. We also offer growers through our Associate, Terravesta,a range of Buy Back Contracts for their Miscanthus cane to consolidate supply to our end-users.