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Harvesting Miscanthus Power Station

Miscanthus - The Grass is Greener

With the MNL Team, one of Europe’s most experienced developers and major producers and growers of Miscanthus (Elephant Grass), we are committed to producing truly renewable and sustainable energy, and at competitive cost. We have the experience and  knowledge, internationally, and  locally, and can assist in the UK with Renewable Heat Incentive applications, feasibility and biomass supply chains.

What is Miscanthus?

Miscanthus is an ideal energy crop developed specifically for energy production, producing large amounts of biomass efficiently for a range of energy uses (power, heat, liquid fuels) and non-energy end uses (game cover, animal bedding, cat litter or biocomposite matrices).

Within the UK,  the MNL Team is receiving an increasing demand from many end users, large and small for many hectares of Miscanthus. Given the success of the RHI (Renewable Heat Initiative)  demand for us to establish new crops is steadily growing. 

Also, given rapidly emerging developments in Torrefaction, pyrolysis and densification, economical and competitive local fuel from Miscanthus is becoming more readily available, as a competitive  supplement to local forestry and alongside other biomass.