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Harvesting Miscanthus Power Station

End Uses of Miscanthus

Miscanthus is predominantly used for the production of energy and non-energy end uses. It is a valued crop, offering major benefits of both low input, environmentally benign farming that fits neatly with current requirements for Cross Compliance and the BFP Scheme launched in 2015

A range of end products using the cane have been developed, and our rhizome production and planting technology is well proven and reliable.


It can be co-fired with coal in existing power stations, used as a primary feedstock in dedicated biomass power stations, or used to generate heat in local CHP smart grid or District Heating systems. It is a good homogenous material for producing Biochars, compost etc and soon, we believe, competitive liquid road fuels. Read more about Energy uses of Miscanthus.

Non Energy Uses

Miscanthus can also be used for a range of non-energy end uses such as game cover, animal bedding, cat litter and biocomposites. Read more about Non Energy uses of Miscanthus