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Harvesting Miscanthus Power Station

MNL Miscanthus Products

Fresh Rhizomes for planting
The MNL Team use high quality rhizomes from known provenance supplied by our own Nursery fields. This dedicated team have many years of practical rhizome multiplication and husbandry experience.

Miscanthus cane
When Miscanthus is harvested it can be chipped or baled in the field to increase density and maximise transport efficiency. As a multi-purpose crop it can used to create products such as green heat and electricity, even, potentially, bioethanol or diesel fuel. It is an excellent feedstock for high quality paper pulp, a renewable short fibre for bioplastic composite. matrices and makes a superior equine bedding, it has an absorbsency three times that of wheat straw.

1 tonne of Miscanthus can produce 240 Litres of Biofuel and based on 25 Miles to the gallon, this produces green fuel to drive over 750 miles.
The density of chipped Miscanthus is around 60-80kg/m3
Fuel pellets
fuel_pellets We have developed a production system to produce fuel pellets for a range of markets from co-firing through to domestic and business heating use. Compacted Miscanthus, like these fuel pellets, can be used in dedicated heating boilers.

  • In terms of price, Miscanthus is directly competitive with conventional fossil fuel heating sources, such as oil, even at todays values!.
  • Biomass heating could contribute to as much as 3% of the of the total UK energy requirements
  • 1 tonne of Miscanthus can produce 4 MW hours of heat which is about the same as that generated from 500 litres of heating oil
  • The density of Miscanthus pellets is around 600kg/M³

If you are developing a large scale supply chain for a power station or planned Project use please use our online enquiry form.

For the domestic and business markets we offer a number of services:

  • Supply of pelleted material tailored to size required
  • Advice and liaison with the most efficient and progressive boiler manufacturers and installers.


1 tonne of Miscanthus could produce, as Electricity, the equivalent of 0.7t of coal but, unlike coal, Miscanthus is a carbon neutral, sustainable energy source, one that grows back every year.
The density of Miscanthus Energy Cubes is approximately 450 -500kg/M³.

Fuel briquettes

Miscanthus can be processed into fuel briquettes which are perfect for wood burners, open fires and chimineas. These can last up to 3 times longer than logs. 


Please email us or call 07860 899485 for further information. On Skype search ID 'Misscanthus'